Internship Report

I just finished my internship as a developer. I want to share my experience and the  report of my internship. (The report is in french)

I developed several website for the CMS Joomla, so I learned about architecture MCV and Joomla API

This project was made with the Ionic framework and with Angular 5.

This is a road safety application.

At the main page you can see your current position and the weather in the first frame, below there are two buttons. One for the emergency and the other for fome driving capability tests.

Android project

This is another school project. We created an application for a website Myartema.

This a website for share your Arts like musics, videos, and images.

School Project

This is a fully functional Forum website. One of my first web projects.

The main idea, we want to make a website where the users can keep in touch with each other and with the administrators.