This project was made with the Ionic framework and with Angular 5.

This is a road safety application.

At the main page you can see your current position and the weather in the first frame, below there are two buttons. One for the emergency and the other for fome driving capability tests.

At the emergency ("Red button") page you can cell the police, the fireman, or the ambulance. In the middle section you can your address to be able to indicate. After there are some emergency situation for example bleeding. When you click at the arrow, nexdt to the situation you can read the instruction or you can listen.

At the Begin ("Green button") page you can test your driving capability with a reaction tester or the equilibrium tester. And you can calculate your blood alchool level.

If you click on the "plus" button you can save some note with photo and with a map that contains the current position.

At the weather section you can check the weather  everywhere, just change the place in the settings.

The features (technology used):

- Google Maps

- Native Geolocation

- Native Geocoder

- Gyroscope

- Device Motion

- Text to Speach

- Call Number

- Camera

Chech this project on GitHub: