Internship Report

I just finished my internship as a developer. I want to share my experience and the  report of my internship. (The report is in french)

I developed several website for the CMS Joomla, so I learned about architecture MCV and Joomla API

This document is an outline of the work I performed during my ten-weeks internship. I’ve been a trainee at HOB France Services (Home & Office Backup) a small and innovative young company operating in the IT industry.


The PDF: Internship Report


Nowadays, it is essential for everyone to have a website. Either to give people the opportunity to connect with us or to expand our customer base, a webpage is the best tool to achieve our goals.

Unlike any other media, the Internet is accessible anywhere at any time and by anyone.

So, because of this I completed my two-months internship in this small company HOB France Services, a skill centre of Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.

My first project was to migrate an old Joomla 1.5 site to Joomla 3.8 and upgrade the old components, modules and plugins according to the new Joomla standards.

My second project was to create a website with a set of supports.This internship allowed me to put into practice the skills and knowledge I acquired during my studies at the DUT. While it demonstrated that the work of a trainee can improve the productivity of the company.

I've finished my main projects before, so I realized two other web sites, a web shop and a restaurant site where we can take order.



(I didn't share the source code of the projects, because i'm not sure to i have the rights to do.)