This is a simple management platform for the micro and the small company. 

Expenses, and income tracking, exportation to Excel.

Every events, and payments visible in the calendar.

Today is testable in French, but soon it will be available in English, and Hungarian as well.

I used PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, Bootstrap to realize this project.

This is the version 2.



You can use the demo login to try it.

Username: admin

Password: 123


It can store information from the customers, suppliers, products, employees, and taxees. And also can counting result from the received invoices, issued invoices, and taxes  per each month.

And if there is a customer how didn't payed his bill, you can send an e-mail, wich is filled automatically.

Another feature, semi-automatic invoice creation. You need to select products and give a quantity, the rest (counting) is automatic.

What are the additional features?

-You can add personal events.

-The invoices date limites, and the personal events are visible in the calendar.

-Shift tracking, given two address the program calculate the distance, and you can add to invoice.

-Simple expenses track, with photo or pdf