School Project

This is a fully functional Forum website. One of my first web projects.

The main idea, we want to make a website where the users can keep in touch with each other and with the administrators.

It was built for Genealogy sofware.This program is for your family tree and your genealogical research.

To realize, i used JavaScript, PHP, Bootstrap, Mysql.

Functions for users:

- create your account

- check your profile or update

- keep contact with others

- you can share your ideas, ask the others if you have questions

And off course thre is a fully functional Dashboard system for the administrators. Where they can supervise the system.

Functions for administrators:

- delete or modify posts, comments, users

- change the posts, comments status between published and draft

-  statistics

Here the demo login for checking the functions.

username: demo

password: 123

If you find interesting, or you have some idea, leave a comment or send a mail.

I am really appreciate the feedbacks.